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Recruitment.com is an online publication dedicated to discussing the ever-changing role of recruiting and talent acquisition in contemporary companies. Here you’ll find innovative perspectives on recruiting strategies, trends and technology. We do this through analysis, research, infographics, tools and thought leadership backed by research and presented in clear, simple language.

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Talent acquisition is not a silo, but a vital part of how your company operates. We desire HR leaders, C-suite executives, employees and committed recruiters to gain extraordinary value from their recruiting functions and talent sourcing. To that end, our comprehensive articles and thought-provoking analysis will help you solve the toughest challenges of talent acquisition.

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We are an innovative company disrupting how recruiting and talent acquisition is discussed and done in a digitally-native world. Our seasoned team of researchers, recruiters, journalists, and executives leverages their expertise to explain recruiting in fresh new ways to move your business forward.

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