An illustration showing a recruiting team communicating and collaborating in preparation for the post-pandemic hiring surge.
Sep 2021 - Recruitment Process
Recruitment Case Study: How Cisco Systems Prepared for the 2021 Hiring Surge

Cisco’s VP and Global Head of Talent Acquisition and Mobility tells how her team increased post-pandemic hiring and efficiency.

By Serena Kappes
Workforce Expert
Job applicant communicating well with recruiters for an improved candidate experience
Aug 2021 - Recruitment Process
How Zillow’s Recruiting Team Improved Candidate Experience
Lisa Fraser
By Lisa Fraser
Editor of
The future of remote work post-COVID-19 is people working from home
Jun 2021 - The Future of Recruitment
2021 Recruiting Report: The Future of Remote Work Post-COVID-19
By Lauren Ramakrishna
Recruiting Expert
People in a conference room reviewing different talent sources to hire the right candidate.
Jun 2021 - Recruitment Process
8 Tips for Finding the Right Candidates—Fast
Alina Dizik - Workforce Expert
By Alina Dizik
Workforce Expert
Working remotely during COVID-19? Review our best tips.
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A woman job seeker uses a magnifying glass to study employer branding on a website
May 2021 - Employer Branding
Now More Than Ever, Your Employer Brand Matters
Lisa Fraser
By Lisa Fraser
Editor of
5 Ways to Help Women Thrive In The Workplace
Jul 2020 - Women
5 Ways to Help Women Thrive In The Workplace
Jen Locklear
By Jen Locklear
Chief Talent Officer, ConnectWise
Convey gratitude across international teams
Jul 2020 - Remote
How To Convey Gratitude Across International Teams
Nicole Sahin Profile
By Nicole Sahin
Founder and CEO of Globalization Partners