Emma Rosenberg

Emma Rosenberg

Emma Rosenberg is a communications specialist based in Los Angeles, CA. She has contributed to a wide variety of business publications.

Profile Picture of Ritika Puri

Ritika Puri

Ritika Puri has written for LinkedIn, Twitter, PNC, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and more. She also advises on HR and communications strategies. 

Diane Faulkner

Diane Faulkner

Diane Faulkner is an award-winning writer on labor law, corporate culture, and HR technology in many business journals, including Forbes.

Jen Locklear

Jen Locklear

Jen Locklear is Chief People Officer of ConnectWise. She has previously held people leadership positions at WilsonHCG and Healthesystems.

Profile picture of Andrew McDermott

Andrew McDermott

Andrew McDermott is a business book author and writer whose work has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine and Fox Business.

Danny Alridge

Danny Aldridge

Danny Aldridge is Founder of Space Recruitment and Co-founder of Check-a-Salary, a salary and job-board aggregation site.

Dalia Goldberg

Dalia Goldberg

Dalia Goldberg is a US-born writer based in Europe. She specializes in HR technology, productivity, and remote work.

Profile picture of Dann Albright

Dann Albright

Dann Albright is a writer and researcher specializing in human resources and finance.

Renganathan Padmanabhan

Renganathan Padmanabhan

Renganathan Padmanabhan has led digital experience teams for Nike and Deloitte. He writes about product management, tech, and leadership.

Alisha Shibli profile picture

Alisha Shibli

Alisha Shibli has spent the past 10 years writing about human resources, technology, and e-commerce for publications around the world.

 Stephanie Vozza profile picture

Stephanie Vozza

Specializing in careers and productivity, Stephanie Vozza is a columnist for Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and Forbes.

Laura LaVoie

Laura M. LaVoie

Laura M. LaVoie worked in the staffing industry as a recruiter for 15 years before becoming a writer and editor.

Maddie Shepherd

Maddie Shepherd

Maddie Shepherd’s work in business tech, finance, and operations has been featured in the New York Post and in HR and finance publications.

Sphoorti Bhandare

Sphoorti Bhandare

Sphoorti Bhandare has 10 years of experience writing about HR and technology.

Profile picture of Josh Spilker

Josh Spilker

Josh Spilker is a writer and editor with more than 15 years of experience covering technology, recruiting, and the future of work.

Jennifer Roland

Jennifer Roland Cadiente

Jennifer Roland Cadiente focuses on HR, technology, and education. She has written for enterprise journals, including Samsung Business.

Nicole Sahin Profile

Nicole Sahin

Nicole Sahin is Founder and CEO of Globalization Partners, which helps companies hire candidates in more than 170 countries.

Alina Dizik - Workforce Expert

Alina Dizik

Alina Dizik’s business articles have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Money, and Time. Her expertise spans technology, recruiting, and the future of work.
Taylor Desseyn

Taylor Desseyn

Taylor Desseyn is a senior recruiting advocate at Vaco. He is a frequent speaker at technology conferences and has a YouTube channel.
Francesca Di Meglio

Francesca Di Meglio

Francesca Di Meglio is an award-winning expert on higher education. Her work has appeared in Bloomberg Businessweek, Business Insider, and other notable publications.

Lisa Fraser

Lisa Fraser

Lisa Fraser is a workplace inclusion expert who has advised Fortune 500 companies on their diversity and equity strategies. She has been featured in Black Enterprise, Working Mother, and other notable publications.
Eshan Pancholi

Eshan Pancholi

As Head of Marketing at ShortDot, Eshan Pancholi uses his tech marketing expertise to develop leading-edge recruitment strategies.
Joseph Schlegel

Joseph Schlegel

An HR expert, Schlegel has contributed to case studies and research on which people professionals rely.

Serena Kappes

Serena Kappes is a workforce expert who advises Ivy League graduates on how to connect with recruiters and break into their desired industries. She has also worked with Korn Ferry, Acorns Securities, and MarketWatch.

Lauren Ramakrishna

Workforce planning expert Lauren Ramakrishna has written for top-notch publications such as Redbook, Cosmopolitan, and Refinery29.
Lindsey Romain

Lindsey Romain

Lindsey Romain is the Senior Editor of Her work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Vice, Marie Claire, New York Magazine, and The Verge.

Sara Lyle

Sara Lyle is the Lead Editor of Most recently, she led The Finder, the longest-running media platform for expatriates in Singapore. Before that, she was a top editor at magazines such as Woman’s Day, Good Housekeeping, and Jane.

John Theriault

John Theriault is the head of Talent Acquisition and People Partnership for Nasdaq in the Americas, and has held leadership roles at Dow Jones, The Pepsi Bottling Group, and L’Oreal USA.

Steven Mostyn

Steven Mostyn is Chairman and CEO of Alpha Recruitment and has worked in recruitment for more than 25 years, for brands like Scotiabank, Aon, and Adventist Health System. He is the author of three books about recruiting, including Recruiting 101: The Fundamentals of Being a Great Recruiter.

Trish Ferrett

Trish Ferrett has more than 30 years of recruiting experience with Fortune 500 companies and respected nonprofits, including Advance Auto Parts, the American Red Cross, and Save the Children US. She is currently Vice President, Global Recruitment at The Trevor Project.

Adele Kennedy

Adele Kennedy, People Operations Generalist at Expensify, is a member of the company’s recruiting and hiring team. She previously worked in talent acquisition at 52 Limited and Motus Recruiting and Staffing, Inc.
Headshot of Melissa Thompson

Melissa Thompson

Melissa Thompson is the Global Head of Talent Acquisition for Ford Motor Company. She has previously held talent acquisition roles at Nielsen, McGraw-Hill Education, Bank of America, and Dell Computer Corporation.

Headshot of Opentext's Susan Hailey

Susan Hailey

Susan Hailey has more than 20 years of experience in talent acquisition, with past leadership roles at OpenText, eBay, PayPal, and Caesars Entertainment. She currently serves as a chair of the board of directors for Harvard Business School, where she obtained her MBA.